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The food concept for Above Eleven is inspired by the ingredient, cooking style, and cultural mixture of Peruvian Cuisine with that of Japanese Cuisine in Peru which produces a totally new cuisine called “Nikkei”.  Nikkei Cuisine has existed in Peru for over 120 years since the first major wave of Japanese immigration to Peru.

Peruvian cuisine, the result of a nearly 500-year melting pot of Spanish, African, Japanese and Chinese immigration and native Quechua culture, provides a diverse range of exotic dishes which are starting to gain in popularity and regularly appearing on menus of the best restaurants across the globe.

According to the 2012 food trends forecast from New York City-based restaurant consultant Michael Whiteman, Peruvian food will be one of the top food trends for 2012. Many of the world’s stellar chefs– Redzepi, Patterson, Adria, along with Dan Barber (U.S.), Michel Bras (France), Massimo Bottura (Italy), and star chef Gaston Acurio, a major promoter of self and of Peru – were recently in Lima in 2011 for a conference that put Peruvian cuisine and ingredients into the spotlight. Chef Gaston Acurio in September 2011 opened La Mar Cebicheria in New York, following a success in San Francisco.

Combining the best of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, the menu selection is based on a selection of mostly appetizers sand a few main courses. Due to the nature of the bar atmosphere, most dishes are served in small tapas potions in order to encourage guests to experience many different flavours and styles offered in our menu. This menu fosters socializing and is best shared amongst friends. Many of the Japanese food items provide the comfort food well known to the guests while the introduction of the Peruvian Nikkei cuisine will provide exciting new dishes to try for those who are more adventurous.