About Us

Above Eleven rooftop bar is an enchanting, exclusive abstract art installation of a private park inspired by Central Park in New York City, one of the greatest parks of the world. Guests are transformed into an exciting experience by creating the sensation of having slipped into one of the many landscaped gardens in the park.

Upon entering via a encapsulated vertical garden with a staircase leading up to the reception area, the entrance to the bar is an entirely landscaped area with a combination of grass covered walls, organic vines and a maze. As one approaches the main lounge area, there are five large sculptural trees which are the main feature of the park. Each tree is built in steel, between 3-5 meters in height and topped off with an acrylic plate resembling its leaves. The exhibition of such art installations is intended to touch upon the artistic sensibilities of the bar’s patrons and provide an opportunity for them to be challenged and surprised or interrupted in a delightful way. Additional landscaping in terms of potted plants and grass  appear throughout the bar area to provide a park-like atmosphere. Large heritage lanterns are scattered throughout the floor in order to provide a warm, ambient lighting experience.  . The overall ambiance of the bar is both subtle and distinct at the same time, somewhat like being on a grand yet intimate stage on which the voyager will effortlessly perform the script of their own unique sojourn.

Above Eleven is the brainchild of Soho Hospitality, a real estate development and interior design, and food and beverage consulting services company. This is Rohit’s second development project in addition to Fraser Suites Sukhumvit which recently won a World Travel Award as Bangkok’s leading serviced apartment in 2011. For more information on Soho Hospitality, please go to www.sohohospitality.com.